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Selena – Como La Flor lyrics

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    She's saying that he has found a new love, so it's clear to her that he wasn't happy/satisfied with her. Although she has accepted this tragic fact, she can't help but admit that it hurts her that he has left her for someone else. She accepts that she has to move on although she doesn't want too. In this song she compares herself to a flower that has withered in heart broken misery but will yet again bloom and become beautiful and strong again for someone else to love and appreciate. It has a very up beat rhythm to it, but its very sad and a lot of those who are heart broken because their lover has found someone else can relate.
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    This song to me means to be yourself no matter who you are and if that means that you are different which every is different because no 2 creations are quite the same you can flip it switch it take it apart and do it again but, your still different and who cares if there are a few haters out there forget em there not providing for you at all you were born this way.
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    A love so strong but then it just disappeared. It's like a flower you give it so much love and then when the person that takes care of it stops taking care of it the flower starts to slowly die and die. So when the person that you love starts to not care for you as much you start to become sad and sad and you get to a point where you feel like you can't ever love someone again because of how much you still love the same person or how much heartbreak you went through. But then you should forget about all the heartbreak because you are strong enough to forget the heartbreak and go on with your life.
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    A love that died because she thought that he really loved her but he just left and not just left alone left with her heart and that really did hurt her. So it's like love is a flower at first it is being born and beautiful then it grows to be very powerful and strong so then it gets really weak and starts destroying its life so then the flower dies. When the flower dies the love dies the love of the flower is on but the heart is stolen by someone that betrayed the beautiful love then the love became hate.
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