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Selah – You Are My Hiding Place lyrics

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    I love this song. I sometimes cry as I sing this song with such emotion. I'll crank it up in my car when I'm driving and take solace in the lord's embrace. To me, this song means surrender. When the world around me is too much, circumstances overbearing, or when I need the comfort of my father like a little girl who is lost I listen to this song and my heart fills immediately with peace and security. My father never lets me down and when I come to him for strength or courage or just a safe place to rest I am renewed and illuminated immediately with his love and protection. My rock. My lighthouse. My pillar of strength. My father.
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    Two weeks ago my son-in-law committed suicide; a week ago my best friend died of parkinson's disease on my birthday. My daughter is back living with me, totally dependent on me. This song has echoed thru my mind over and over. When life throws more at me than I can handle, god shelters me, comforts me, gives me his peace. I am so weak; he is so strong.
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    For me it means that no matter what storms are hitting against my life whether it is difficult external situations that I can't control or internally I'm battling against fear, doubt or struggling to keep my faith and hopes up, he's always present emmanuel god with me right there in that stormy hurtful maybe even desperate situation. He knows what I'm going through and he already has a plan of deliverance. The storms will never overwhelm me, only to make me stronger and a better believer as I practice what is written in his word. And since he himself has called, chosen me and made me faithful through his grace I just have to continue trusting in him and giving thanks in all things no matter what, because once I'm done with that storm I'm already promoted, I'm stronger, better, more fit for the lord's divine purposes in my life.
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    No matter what kind of storm around me, god is my hiding place, in his presence I hide coz there's fullness of joy. And the joy of the lord is my strength. Thank you god. I feel a tremendous change in my life when I hear this song. Even when am on street walking, this song keeps playing in my mind. "you are my hiding place, you always fill my heart with songs of deliverance whenever, am afraid. Thank you jesus!
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    The only thing when I hear the song is about how god is really mighty and powerful and offering us a hiding place. As a human we can't live our life alone through the battles of life, sometimes the life we live give us too many burdens so we need a figure that can give us a shelter, a hiding -place from many bad things that try to lead us far away from the kingdom of heaven. I hope for you all my brothers and sisters outhere, we may not have blood relation, but we do have spiritual relation under one god (jesus), with the same anchestor (adam), god will help us through this life to his promising land in heaven. Gbu all.
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