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Scrilla Vic – Fever lyrics

When I'm with you...
When I'm with you...
When I'm with you...

When I'm with you, there's only one thing I wanna do
That's everything I can to make your dreams come true
Let me look in your eyes so we can lose ourselves together
Ecstacy's the place where I'll take you forever
And if it's way past Mt. Everest
I've got the stamina to prove this body never rests
I'm capable to make your appetite insatiable
And your release is beyond belief
I need an independent woman
Whose with me because she wants to be with me
To caress and suggest to her how I'll fulfill her
Deepest and innermost erotic secrets
So on the hush, we keep 'em just between the two of us
It's more than just lust
So, I'll hold you in the highest esteem, Miss Diva.
Come and cool me down, because you give me fever.

Yes, Love. You give me fever.

And since you are the one I want to soothe
Tell me how I can soothe you and where I can soothe you
Groove you – Move you to be uninhibited with what you do
Then we'll unwind when we reach Cloud Nine
Cuz I treat you with the utmost respect
Some candlelight – dinner for two – as I massage your intellect
And now I have one question to ask
How do you grow more beautiful as each day pasts?
It's true that my words defy definition
And my definition's defined to always blow your mind
So if you find an impulse you just can't stop
And the heat is too much we can both sweat it off
And when I take you there
I'll care for every need that you can conceive
So the next time I see you I just might surprise you, Miss Diva.
Because you give me fever.

Yes, Love. You give me fever.

In the heat of the moment don't try to contain it
You know I can't resist when you call out my name
I'll work wonders when I trace your figure
There's more than one way that I can make your body shiver
And deliver a Utopian experience just for us
There aren't words that can do you justice
So when I take you there,
And the passion overflows with each breath of air
Enjoy the moment for I'm built to last
And the feeling that envelops you at last
I'll take you in my warm embrace
And whisper sweet nothings with a smile on my face
You and I are destined to be lovers
Under the covers with a fire named desire
Come and cool me down, Miss Diva.
The rush is so much, that with a single touch you give me fever.

Yes, Love. You give me fever.
Yes, Love. You give me fever.

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