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Schoolly D – Do It, Do It lyrics

(I'll be safe and you'll be sorry
When the wolf comes through your door)

Ah yeah
What's up, y'all
My name is Schoolly-D
I'm back again
With my dj Code Money
Tonight we gon' do somethin for you
It goes somethin like this

Don't be upset, don't let your mind fret
I do it to ya, baby, that's a sure shot bet
Sucker niggas in the house standin in the back
You came to front, I came to rap
I say what I wanna say
Ain't a sucker in the house that can take it away
So don't try to this me, if I leave you miss me
Girl in the front, you know you wanna kiss me
Do it

Just do it

(Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?)

You say you never met a nigga like me before
I take you in the back, treat you like my whore
Don't want no more, so I call my boy
You do it doggy style right on the floor
Girl, don't try to front and be like you're not hoein
It was me last night in the dark you was blowin
The big fat booty that you are towin
Call me Schoolly-School, the mc all-knowin
Do it

Just do it

Excuse me while I dance

(Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?)

Hit it)

(Who's afraid)
(Who's) (afraid) (of the big) (bad) (bad) (bad wolf?)
(Who's) (afraid) (of the) (big) (bad) (wolf?)
(Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?)
(Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?)
(Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?)
(Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?)

Hit it)

(Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
I'll punch him in the nose)

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