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Say Anything – Cemetery lyrics

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    He is obviously with someone who has a greater faith than himself (so convinced there's somewhere that we go to). When the time comes and they die he wants to spend eternity with the one he loves. Since his faith wasn't that strong he is saying he is with her so he hopefully can get into heaven and spend eternity with her (at the gate, they'll show you through.
    If they ask me, I'm with you). After all they are a piece of each other (you're, you're in my body) and she was the one that made him better and got him in to heaven (should he ask what got me through,.
    If he asks me, it was you).
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    Basically I see the max is saying that, the one he loves sole is inside of him; in his heart and mind. And that he doesn't believe in the god that she believes in. So when they die he would noramally go to hell. But she is going to be the reason he gets into heaven hes going to "tell them, im with you" and they are going to let him in because she saved him.
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    A man who feels like he's drowning himself in his wrong doings and even when he is going to die, he will always know the best part of him was you. He doesn't know if there's a god but he would rather worry about it later then stress about it now. His life would only be worth it with you because you are what is getting him through it. And no matter what you will always be a part of him.
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    This song is about how god saved his life. "you're in my body" is how christ takes hold within us when we accept him. Should he ask what got me through, if he ask me it was you. He talks about how he's tried to kill himself but it never turned out right, and then he talks about how when he dies he'll ascend to some place high, and at the gate they'll show them through and he'll say that he's with "you" being christ. "i will call your name as i expire" he won't deny his name, as christ asks of us.
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