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Saving Abel – Addicted lyrics

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  • chocolex14
    Actually, when you stop to think about, nocemisions has a point. Look: "I know when it's getting rough/ All the times we spend/ Trying to make/ This love something better than/ Just making up again" and "It's not like you to turn away/ All the bullshit I can't take/ Just when I think I can walk away" are not "happy" lyrics. Obviously the relationship isn't perfect. Times are hard, they fight all the time, and when the think they're going to break things off. Well. The s* keeps them coming.
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  • nocemisions
    I think this song has a deeper meaning. I feel that he is talking about a relationship that is all about s* and nothing else. Their relationship is not a good one. They can't put up with each other's s*t and can't deal with their problems. However, the s* is sooo good that they keep going back to each other. Its as if their addicted each other's s*. They even find themselves fighting just so they can make-up again. It's sad really. But it is still a kick a* song!
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