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Sarah Brightman – Chromaggia lyrics

Tanto tempo fa,
Un uccello fatale di nome,
Incrociт in volo la freccia di un,
Lungo le coste di lava,
Per anni, pensando di essere,
Scappт dalla freccia,

Chromaggia, Chromaggia,
Perchй non affronti il pericolo?
La freccia era legata all'ala,
E lei volva per liberarsene,

Tirando la freccia,
Altri son ferriti per mia colpa,
Mia colpa,

Giъ! Verso la bocca del diavolo!
La sua freccia, I miei occhi.

Chromaggia, come take these eyes... !
I would rather be blind

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Submitted byFatalChromaggia


  • MacBeth-TheMusical
    The song Chromaggia is entirely a metaphor for Mag's own life.
    The song tells of a "Fatal Bird" named Chromaggia (Who is a metaphor for Mag herself). Who flies in to the path of an Archer's arrow. (Which symbolizes Mag's Surgery, her subsequent debt to GeneCo, and also the RepoMen who had been sent by Geneco to repossess Mag's eyes ) which she flees from for years believing it was chasing her.

    The people who see her ask why she doesn't continue to out fly the arrow (the same way Reporters ask why Mag she was leaving the Opera) but they can not see that the arrow was tied to her wing (Mag is tied to her debt). Chromaggia laments that by dragging the arrow around with her, others are harmed by her carelessness. (The same way Mag's debt caused her to become the voice of GeneCo and encourage people to get surgeries even though she knew that it would lead them to harm).

    The final line of the song is right before Mag tears out her mechanical eyes which bound her to GeneCo before the Repo Man and by extension GeneCo could take them from her. With this act and in this Song Mag finally frees herself from GeneCo.
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