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Sara Groves – When The Saints lyrics

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    This song is inspired of of a little girl being trafficked by family freinds. Sara Groves read a story about that girl and that inspired her. That's what the lyrics "I see the young girl huddled on the brothel floor" means. And then you see the young men going and kicking down the doors to save those young girls who go as young as six years old. And then it says "I see the sister standing by the dying man" the sister is mother Teresa helping those those in Carcuda who are thought less of (verse before) but in the whole song she says(when the saints come marching in I want to be on of them) the definition of Saint is a VERY good person essentially. And they try their best to do what is right. Everyone is a sinner, but everyone can try to be a good person. Missionary's go out of their way to help those who are looked down upon, who don't know Christ, not to help those who know Christ and are LOVED. They risk their lives for those people which is the verse "I see the young missionary and the angry spear. And then it goes on to say "I see their family returning with no trace of fear" which can mean immediate family but also means church family and their support. Oh and I'm 12 yrs old so, I doesn't matter how old you are to make a difference
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    A slave and young missionary are not saints. They are sinners. They abide by the system and society they live in, same as anybody else. So why should their life and/or death mirror a saint's? Is our society and system flawed? Yes, that society is clearly based on sin, but if one chooses that life instead of sainthood, shouldn't they feel completely confident that they will not see a saint's world, then? I do not have much faith in people. I believe sin is what people live by almost always. Is there no miracle way to wealth and happiness on earth? Well then if no, than at least is there a miracle way to avoid a saint's world? Not even that? Is their no sure thing through sin on earth? Clearly there is no perfect sinful way on earth. It could happen to any of us. Against our will. To live and or die as if we willed a saint's life. That is poignant.
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    True saints are no those declared saints by people. True saints are those declared saints by almight god. Sinner saved by the blood for christ are those saints. God is the one to place that name on people.
    It is an inspiring song. "the young missionary" jim elliot- that part is my favorite. They were not planning on dying that day. But they were ready to die first (becasue they were ready) than to fight back (becasue their attackers were not ready). Would be willing to die so another could live? Where would you go?
    John 3: 16.
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