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Santana – Oye Como Va lyrics

Rrrrr, sabor!

Oye como va, mi ritmo
Bueno pa' gozar, mulata

Oye como va, mi ritmo
Bueno pa' gozar, mulata

Oye como va, mi ritmo
Bueno pa' gozar, mulata

Oye como va, mi ritmo
Bueno pa' gozar, mulata

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  • u
    Someone said "gozar" means dance. That's false. Oye como va mi ritmo is (hey, how goes my rhythm) and "gozar" is to enjoy.
    It's good (bueno) to enjoy (gozar) dark girls (mulata is a mixed girl). To my knowledge, "gosar" with an "s" is not a word. However, in much of latin america, the "z" in gozar is pronounced like an "s"--like it is in andalusia. As opposed to the castiliano pronunciation which would be "gothar. " so the "s" mistake is a colloquial error.
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  • e
    Eric Stacy
    That's wild, apparently this song is something of a mondegreen (misheard lyrics) for me, since I'd always heard the second line as "Bueno, vamos a ... bailar". But then again Spanish is a second language for me. Glad I can finally be set straight on this one and no longer labor under a misconception.
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  • u
    Spanish translation oye como va, mi ritmo. Hey this is how my rythm goes. Bueno pa gozar, mulata. Good to enjoy mixed music or could be referring to a mixed crowd of women. Mulata is actually a mixed girl, black and white/spanish, latina etc. Remember the song was performed by tito puente who was originally cubano, cuban race is a mulata race of sorts. Cuban and african mixture, thus mulata women. Could also refer to a blend of music again cubano music is a mixture of cuban rthyms mixed with afro rythyms as well.
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  • w
    Well, it's actually "gozar" with a Z, and as others have translated it correctly, simply means to enjoy. Tito Puente, the author, was of Puerto Rican ancestry. In seven years of living in Puerto Rico and public school classes there I never heard the word used for anything more than simply to enjoy - in this case his rhythm, or have a good time listening to his music. I like the suggestion that mulata could refer, simbolically, to the mixed type of music. Makes sense.
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