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Sammy Hagar – Feels Like Love lyrics

Well, now, once in your life maybe if you're lucky
You'll find someone that's right for you.
And when lightning strikes you ready or not
There ain't nothing you can do.
And now, I've got to see her, you know I won't be late.
The hair on my arms is standing up straight.
I've got the shiver's down my backbone, my stomach's turning flips.
I get excited just thinking 'bout her lips.
Yeah, and mother always said, "If it's real you can feel it"
Now my heart's beating fast and my eyes can't conceal it.
It's love,
It sure feels like love.
I know it must be love
It's got to, got to be love.
Cause it feels like
It feels like love
Held up in the night waitin' for the sun
To come up and call it a day.
Well, that moment when you're thinking, about those things.
The ones you just can't say.
I got a feelin' deep inside that I can't explain.
Every time I fell asleep I woke up screaming your name.
Started thinking of you, the feeling got strong.
I jumped out of bed, I couldn't take it any longer.
Just then I thought, "Hey, it's only infatuation"
I see your face and the train left the station
It's love,
It sure feels like love.
I know it must be love
Got to, got to be love.
'Cause it feels like, it feels like love
I'm in love!
It sure feels like love.
It's got to, got to be love.
It must be love.
'Cause it sure feels like love.
It must be love.
It sure feels like love.
Yeah! Must be love.
I know it's love.
It's modern love.
Yeah! Got, I said, got to be love.
Must be love
Old fashioned love
I'm in love.
Ow! Huh I'm talking 'bout love.
I'm talkin' 'bout love
Feels like love.

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