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Sammie – You Should Be My Girl lyrics

(feat. Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz)

[Jazze Pha]
Ladies and gentlemen

[Big Boi]
You & me girl we could do the thang
You & me girl we could do the thang
You & me girl we could do the thang
We could do the thang
We could do the thang

I know she like me I kinda dig it
So I did my thang for her she joinin wit me
Now we gettin groovy hotter than juc'causezi
So shorty want you slow it down
I see them otha fellas and I aint Hatin
They try to do it like me it aint the same
Front to back shorty side to side and lean wit it
(you wit a solja now)

Cus you so fly gurl
You should come to my crib
But he gone flip
If he knew you were here
I know I'm trippin but

You should be my gurl gurl gurl gurl
(you should be my gurl) (we could do the thang)(you&me gurl)(we could do the thang) you should be my gurl gurl gurl gurl
(you should be my gurl)(we could do the thang)(you&me gurl we could do the thang) you should be my gurl

Its all ova town and we we get into it
If that's the business
We should keep on doin it
Oooh you so grown wit it you betta gone wit it
I love the way you break it down
I gotta jones for you
All in my bones for you
Wakin up three o'clock in the mone for you
I neva sweat you baby
But if you let me baby
Know that ima put it down



Youngbloodz Sean Paul

[Sean Paul]
You and me gurl we could do the thang
Put you in the chevy let you grip wood grain
Put you in the range wit some apple bottom jeans
House of deron' and Some channel frames
Got you on the celly got you callin sharmane
Got you ridin good got you poppin champaigne
Got you ridin dirty got you throwin up the A
Got ya lil niece callin semi all day
Chirpin on my nextel on my 2 way
Sendin cute messages about dat face
Said you was grown told me dat you didn't play
And every since then it's been all like A
You and me girl we could do the thang
Tell them who yo man tell em why you bling bling
Tell em that your good
Tell em that it aint the same
Tell em sean paul told you money aint a thang



[Jazze Pha]
Ladies and gentlemen
Ladies and gentlemen
For you
You are now tuned in to the very best
Jazze Phizzle
My man Sammie
We right back at you baby
Sean paul
And lean wit and now snap
And lean wit and now snap
Lean wit
And lean wit and now snap
Now snap
Now snap

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