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Rudra – Atman lyrics

The sole reason for your existence, It is
Your Supreme Guide in both darkness and light,
The eternal witness,
The one that is, and the one that will forever be
It knows no death or birth and exists through eternity

Thus it says,

"I am in you, you are in me
I am you, you are me
I'm hidden behind your individuality
Step aside, I will reveal myself"

The source of all knowledge is within the Self
That Immortal One, so far yet so close

It is free, So you'll be
If you merge with That
By knowing That everything else is known
The self is ever free
It holds the key to the transcendental world
The source of infinity

That is all that exists
The essence of the whole existence
That Thou Art!
It is bliss, pure consciousness

Aham Brahmasmi
Tat tvam asi
Ayam Atma Brahma
Prajnanam Brahma

The search for immortality ends in the Atman
By knowing That everything else is known

Know yourself to be that One and not the transient ego
Discard the fetters of ignorance and for once be yourself

The search for immortality ends in the Atman
By knowing That everything else is known

Om Mani Padmeham
Om Mani Padmeham

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