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Rosi Golan
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Rosi Golan

It's Been A Long Day lyrics

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Rosi Golan – It's Been A Long Day lyrics

It's been a long day
And all I've gotta say is make it strong
It's been a long day
And all I've gotta say is I've been wrong
So take a leave of absence
Tell me you'll be gone
I don't wanna see your face
It's been a long day
And I just wanna hide away

It's been a long week
And all the lines come down heavy on me
It's been a long week
I'm finally feeling like it's ok to break
Into a thousand pieced
No one can replace
Only I can find my way
It's been a long day
And I just wanna hide away

It's been a long year
And everyone around me is disappearing
It's been a long year
And all this mess around me is finally clear
So can I have a moment
Just to say hello
Can you let your anger go
It's been a long year
And I'm finally ready to be here

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    I think this song is written to a particular person. Whoever that person was to Rosi Golan I do not know but it seems to be a love interest or something of a personal nature. It seems as though shes talking about a rough year of her life or some circumstance in her life that lead her to treat the person in a way or made certain decisions in the relationship that she wishes she could change. Towards the end of the song she says it's been a long year and I'm finally ready to be here. As if she has had a change of heart. Before that she says give me a moment time to say hello can you let your anger go. Shes asking for another chance. Sounds like one of those relationships where you are trying to figure your life and the other person maybe your soulmate just met you at the wrong time where you couldn't love them the way they deserved to be loved because you didn't know how to love yourself yet.
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    Acceptance of life, the good and the bad. I don't know the lyrics very well, but the feeling I have when I hear this song is sad, at the beginning, but when the song slowly goes forward I feel more, accepting and free and relieved. And from what I do understand of the lyrics, I think it's about having hard times and then at the end finally realising that everyone has those hard times. Your not alone, and it is only life, nothing more. So just accept it, don't keep hanging in the past. Just accept and move forward to what comes next.
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