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Rockie Fresh – Top Of The World lyrics

Young Superman og
Double M-G the hottest since the are-O-C
I’ve got my niggas rollin’, wonderin’ what the plan gon’ be
I told ‘em “focus on the future and don’t do shit free”
Y’all gon’ watch me turn water into a billion
Stack it to the heavens, leave a blessing for the children
I’mma be the reason why my grandkids say “we’ve got family money”
Made a cool mill’, yet I’m still the young and hungry
I grind with the mastermind, the gifted, the dreamchaser
‘Til you’ve seen us, you ain’t seen paper
My nigga Stalley album ’bout to hit the scene, later
And Gunplay ’bout that action when he see haters
Me I blow vapors, Swishers, bongs, whatever
And all of my niggas, we ride together
Bitch we on fire, fall in love with this heat rock
What I spent on luggage could’ve bought your ass a fiat
And our level of success high-risk
Competition gettin’ beat like an egg in a whisk
I did a show out in Aspen and the weather was brisk
Made $10, 000, spent it all on kicks
‘Cause I’m rich, nigga – doin’ everything you wish, nigga
And you ain’t gettin’ high like this
Nah, you don’t take ‘em high like this
You ain’t gettin’ fly like this
Said you ain’t gettin’ high like this
You ain’t ridin’ in no rides like this
You doin’ somethin’ over there, but not like this
You ain’t gettin’ high like this
You ain’t fly like this
This shit feelin’ like a nigga standin’ high at the top of the world
As a youngin, I just knew that I’d be at the top of the world
Me and all my niggas, we just chillin’ at the top of the world
Right now, countin’ millions while we’re chillin’ at the top of the world
Young niggas, you should try and make it to the top of the world
Anything can happen, nigga, when you get to the top of the world
That’s why I’m happy right now, gettin’ money at the top of the world
And I’m probably getting top from your girl
Right now, at the top of the world

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