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Nobody knows who I really am
I never felt this empty before
And if I ever need someone to come along
Who's gonna comfort me and keep me strong

We are all rowing the boat of fate
The waves keep on comin' and we can't escape
But if we ever get lost on our way
The waves would guide you through another day

Tookude iki wo shiteru toumei ni nattamitai
Kurayami ni omoe takedo mekaku shisarete tadake
Inori wo sasagete atarashii hi wo matsu
Azayaka ni hikaru umi sono hate made

Nobody knows who I really am
Maybe they just don't give a damn
But if I ever need someone to come along
I know you would follow me, and keep me strong

Hito no kokoro wa utsuri yuku nukedashita kunaru
Tsuki wa mata atarashii shuuki de fune wo tsureteku

And every time I see your face,
The oceans heave up to my heart
You make me wanna strain at the oars,
And soon I can see the shore

Oh, I can see the shore
When will I... see the shore?

I want you to know who I really am
I never thought I'd feel this way towards you
And if you ever need someone to come along
I will follow you, and keep you strong

Tabi wa mada tsudzuiteku odayakana hi mo
Tsuki wa mata atarashii shuuki de fune wo terashidasu
Inori wo sasagete atarashii hi wo matsu
Azayaka ni hikaru umi sono hate made

And every time I see your face,
The oceans heave up to my heart
You make me wanna strain at the oars,
And soon I can see the shore

Unmei no fune wo kogi
Nami wa tsugi kara tsugi e to
Watashitachi wo osou kedo
Sore mo suteki na tabi ne
Dore mo suteki na tabi ne

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  • U
    UnregisteredJun 10, 2012 at 8:44 pm
    I get so many feels to this song because I feel like its a narration to the problem I'm in, the meaning that it holds to me is that this person was lonely and then another person came to comfort them and now they are friends. But soon after the first person starts to develope feelings for the other but they don't know if the other person feels the same way about them, and soon after the first person confesses. The only difference is I haven't confessed :( each day that passes my heart aches because this guy I like is my friend, but I fear that he see's me nothing more than just a friend t_t sorry for letting all my feels out xd.
  • U
    UnregisteredJul 14, 2012 at 1:05 pm
    I've knew this song in bleach, and i think that this letter is so pretty! Now i'm trying to learn it! Well,even if it's a little hard to sing in japanese! Xd haha! But, like said freddie mercury in let me entertain you: "we'll sing yo you in japanese! We're only here to entertain you" xd ^_^
  • U
    UnregisteredAug 25, 2014 at 5:59 pm
    This makes me understand that no matter what there is someone in my heart whom I just can't let go even though I try to and that means that my love for that person is so great that I can't possibly forget them and the same goes to them trust me I've seen it in their eyes I understand her and that human understands me completely that's my love true love that love no matter what you just couldn't leave or forget them plus life is like a boat so yeah you live with it ooops soory but this song is deeper and more heart aching than I thought pheww and btw bleach was totally the reason I found this song! One of my all time fav animes. I feel like my feelings pour out when listen to it!
  • U
    UnregisteredMar 14, 2012 at 8:33 am
    To me, it means that no matter how rough life gets, there's always the people who will stand beside you no matter what happens and help you get through the tough times. It's when you decide who you can rely on and who will really be their for you when life gets difficult, and you see the people who leave you when you're going through a hard time. I think that the waves represent how life carries you up and down, and it's sometimes calm and easy, or rough. When rowing the boat, the waves can be a challenge, but our friends, or 'the oars', will always help us reach the shore. I love this song and it has so much meaning to me.
  • U
    UnregisteredFeb 27, 2012 at 9:21 pm
    The first time when I heard this song was when I had watched bleach. It was an ending. I told to myself this was an amazing song. Simplier than the other songs from another animes, but because of it, the song was just amazing. And it reminds mi my boyfriend :)

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