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Rick Ross – Fuckin Problems lyrics

[Intro: Rick Ross]
We the greatest ever nigga,
Mmg yeah

[Hook: 2 Chainz, Drake, Kendrick Lamar]
I love bad bitches, that’s my fucking problem
And yeah I like to fuck, I got a fucking problem
I love bad bitches, that’s my fucking problem
And yeah I like to fuck I got a fucking problem
I love bad bitches, that’s my fucking problem
And yeah I like to fuck, I got a fucking problem
If finding somebody real is your fucking problem
Bring your girls to the crib maybe we can solve it

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Here they come, there it goes
Guess I’m rollin’ up the marijuana
We all known as the boss
It’s the bottle poppin’
Talkin’ .... She wanna ball like Cyndi Lauper
I get the cheddar here baby girl a blood but she kinda cute
Let a nigga gang bang in the found blue (su whoo)
Red beamer and it's brand new
So shout out to the bitches we ran through
True connoisseur carnivores to the whores
Yeah you runnin’ with the flow it wasn’t yours
Call the boss got dwella it's all gold
Stalley showed it to me first now fast forward
The land lord my influence speakin Jewish
Need to get you some insurance smoking too much
This shit a movie pick a theatre in the crib
And you know I got the pole we get it in, we get it in


[Verse 2: Stalley]
Speedin’ in my fast car
Reminiscin’ on the girl I last saw
And how she cut wood like a hack saw
Wax on wax off man that ass soft
Attached to my fitted,
But I get that kitten hat soft
I was jimmy hat strapped when I fell up in that cat paws
All over my body
Me on for my yonin balls had the head down tails up like a coin toss rollin’ up a body
Stretchin’ like pilate, 110 Masarati
Burnin’ down the highway
Burnin’ on some Marley
Could this be love infatuation of the body
The facts is that I’m sloppy with my feelings and it's got me
Chasing love at six in the morning
Horny as a dog in heat chasing after pony
The streets is lonely
It's just me and the stars
Me and my thoughts
Could it be me and the Godess?
Well if I play my cards right
Tarot cards on my dashboard if they re-write
Or leave me right back to my queen tonight


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