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Richard Hawley – Tonight The Streets Are Ours lyrics

Do you know why you got feelings in your heart
Don't let fear of me then fool you, what you see sets you apart
And there's nothing here to bind you, it's no way for life to start
Do you know that
Tonight the streets are ours
Tonight the streets are ours
These lights in our eyes, they tell no lies

Those people, they got nothing in their souls
And they make our tvs blind us from our visions and our goals
Oh the trigger of time it tricks you so you have no way to grow
But do you know that
Tonight the streets are ours
Tonight the streets are ours
And these lights in our hearts, they tell no lies

And no one else can haunt me the way that you can haunt me
I need to know you want me, I couldn't be without you
And the light that shines around you
No nothing ever matter more than my darling
But tonight the street are ours

Do you know how to kill loneliness at last
Oh there's some much there to heel dear and make tears things of the past
But do you know that
Tonight the street are ours
Tonight the street are ours
And these lights in our street are ours
And tonight the street are ours
And these lights in our heart, they tell no lies

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    It's in reference to the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse where the final remaining survivors, a male and female, have the city to themselves alone. He is not haunted by the zombies because he has a purpose, a mission, to love and protect her. Together they can conquer the odds and move on to find and join others in order to decimate the zombie hordes and replenish the world with humans once again. The lights in their hearts are as the reflections of the burning fires reflections in the shattered window panes of empty house.
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