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Rich Gang – Milk Marie lyrics

[Hook: Rich Homie Quan]
Milk Marie she got a pretty pussy
Call it pink cause a nigga fell in love with it aye
She got a thang for me, I got a thang for her
Never ever let her get away from me aye
No no, no no, no no, no noooo
She don't yield at stop signs lil shawty on gooooo
Go go go go go go go get it

[Verse 1: Rich Homie Quan]
If I wanna fuck her she gon always say yes, aye
Lay her on her back while I'm gripping on her chest
Her ex don't want that no that nigga wasn't this
That nigga extra lame he don't want no conflict
I make 2 million point 5 nigga I ain't done yet
Stand down to my word if I said it then I meant it
Thugga, my money 8 ft tall, two midgets aye


[Verse 2: Rich Homie Quan]
Girl I want everything that come witcha
Even if you got stretch marks and even two children
I can't blame you girl (no no no no no)
I love you for who you are, I want you for who you are
Baby girl you a star in my book aye
I fuck with you for who you are, I fuck with for where you going
Fuck them lame niggas yeah they can look
And my girl got the world shook earthquake the world
I'm trynna get a nut just like a squirrel
Can you blame me nigga? Can you blame me nigga?
Can you blame me? (Rich Gang! )
Ran off with a nigga pack told him hit my line
Boy that pussy there that fat number
No Jim Carrey, Rich homie act on em
Got ice on like a nigga livin in the summer
All my soldiers got me protected like I'm Osama
Campaign made a million profited like I'm Obama
Lactose intolerant I'ont drink


(Rich Gang! ) Girl I want everything that come witcha
Even if you got stretch marks and even two children
I can't blame you girl yeah
Hahaha, aye you know I fuck with you
Despite of how bad of an attitude I be having at times
I do it cause I love you shawty, you should know that
This shit go back like 4 flat
Foreal foreal I ain't talking for my health
I love your smile, everything about you

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