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Resurrection – Eyes Of Blind lyrics

Eyes, now have awaken
See the pain the world has taken
Life, cities run rampid
Children born no hope for existence
Cries, form the madness
You think your life's everlasting
Pray, you find the truth
This wrechted world will kill you to
Eyes, view life blind, no one cares,
Lies despair
Minds, closed so tight, not aware
Of lies despair
Born though hatred,
World's in chaos,
Show no mercy, global warfare
Tare no prisioners, save your life,
Run for cover, can you survive
The pain, you feel in your heart
Tuis world, will tear you apart
Blood, that runs though your veins
Will boil, from all of the rage
Your children, running in fear
Killing the people, you hold so dear
Close your eyes, close your mind
Show no mercy, or die
People are the future, people set us free
People lock the chain on us,
Bring us to our knees
People are forgiving,
Kind and so damn pure
People are disease in life,
That pray upon your soul
People will awake to find,
The world left in their hands
Soon their are no people, understand
Life's in the mind
Close your eyes it will pass you by
Life's in the heart
Feeble mind will get you nowhere
Life's in the mind
Close your eyes it will pass you by
Life's in the heart
Feeble mind will get you nowhere
Eyes, view life blind
No one care, of lies despair
Minds, closed for tight
Not aware, of lies despair
Dark, cold, morbid, life

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