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Regurgitator – I Will Lick Your Arsehole lyrics

I'm like mr. Clifford richard I'm wired for sound
And when I get myself a mic you won't want to be around
I'm off like a note in karen's 'day tripper'
I'm faking all my lines like that dolphin called flipper

I send chills down your spine like the strings in billie jean
I'm so far underground that I'm a one person scene
I'm overly thorough just like david attenborough
When he's whispering in the jungle like they're working undercover

Evidence irrefutable I'm squarer than a cublicle
I hug the straight and narrow like a julie arrows musical
I derail and fail with abstract verse I fail to curtail
The rhythmical measures and pleasurable endeavours never sail

I'm lacking in ambition simply no predisposition
And when I hit the stage I lose all composition
I never like it loud cos crowded places scare me
I dig the rock and roll as much as peter paul and mary

I will lick your arsehole
I will lick your arsehole
I will lick your...

I'm the host with the most uber guy smiley
I've got the special effects like the bbc man
I've got flow like mal steem's got chops
It seems that I'm so bad they get L. L. To call the cops

Beats so hard they'll be bustin up your spleen
I got more rhymes than dern's hair got sheen
I put flash in the dance just like irene cara
And I've got more toys than teruhisa kitahara

Like a digital refinery I hope you 'lise the binary
So zeros after ones getting lined up into finery
I put them into rows to get the music go
And they goes and they flows like the mucus out your nose

I'm the asisiatic australasiatic
Instamatic rhythm box static addict
I got the juice and all else got the pith
And I'm tough under pressure just like sarah jean smith

I will lick your arsehole
I will lick your arsehole
I will lick your arsehole
I will lick your arsehole
I will lick your arsehole
I will lick your arsehole
I will lick your...

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