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Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters lyrics

If there's something strange in your neighborhood
Who you gonna call? - Ghostbusters!
If there's something weird and it don't look good
Who you gonna call? - Ghostbusters!

I ain't afraid of no ghost
I ain't afraid of no ghost

If you're seeing things running through your head
Who can you call? - Ghostbusters!
An invisible man sleeping in your bed
Oh, who can you call? - Ghostbusters!

I ain't afraid of no ghost
I ain't afraid of no ghost

Who you gonna call? - Ghostbusters!
If you're all alone, pick up the phone
And call - Ghostbusters!

I ain't afraid of no ghost
I hear it likes the girls
I ain't afraid of no ghost
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Who you gonna call? - Ghostbusters!
If you've had a dose of a freaky ghost
You'd better call - Ghostbusters!

Let me tell you something
Bustin' makes me feel good

I ain't afraid of no ghost
I ain't afraid of no ghost

Don't get caught alone, oh no
When it comes through your door
Unless you just want some more
I think you better call - Ghostbusters!

Who you gonna call - Ghostbusters!
(Repeat to fade)

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    One of the most misinterpretated songs of the previous decade. Obviously the term ghost refers to his past love that he really never got over. "If there's something weird and it don't look good" is the distance that's grown between them. You look across the table one morning and you know that the person you once loved is now no more than a transparent shell of who you thought they were. He knows the relationship is fading... " an Invisible man sleeping in your bed" - he's sensing that she's having an affair and he's turning it over and over in his mind, trying to figure out who it might be. Maybe his buddy from his bowling league Tom. Maybe the guy that handles the lobsters at The Seafood Bonanza? "Let me tell you something, Bustin' makes me feel good" refers to the carnal delights he once shared with her. Ghostbusters is basically a reference for the sexual chemistry he and his soon to be gone lover has shared. He knows it's over but the pure physicality of their relationship haunts him. Maybe they are into S&M stuff. Maybe they dress up like furry cartoon animal and talk dirty to one another...who really knows? The song is up for interpretation. Ray Parker knows how to get into the depth of a man's mental state when he's about to lose his "dose of a freaky ghost". Sure he ripped off Huey Lewis but damn it was worth it! I was surprised they made this song the theme for the same named movie back in the 80's. The song just isn't PG for those watching the film.
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