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Raven Symone – Everyone's A Star lyrics

Everyone's a star

Look inside and you know you are

I saw a man dancing on the corner

Hat out, he was dancing for quarters

Every time, see a smile on his face

Never concerned with the fortune or fame

Saw a girl playing with her dollies

Brother took one then she called for mommy

She started crying said one thing I know

Mama's flying down like a superhero

It's hard to see but you know that anyone can fly

Open your eyes, see the truth and you will realize that


Everyone's a star

Look inside and you know you are

You can reach the sky

We can all play the part

'cause everyone's a star

Teachers teach on

Taxis blow your horns

Sweeper sweep on

Dj's keep rocking till the break of dawn

The simple things can be so profound

Bus drivers make the world go round

Everybody's got a thing they do

Mail men, trash men, waiters too

It's hard to see, but you know everyone can fly

Open your eyes, see the truth, and you will realize that


Everyone's a star

All your dreams are never too far, oh no

You can shine so bright

'cause you know in your heart

That everyone's a star

Do do do...

It's hard to see, but you know anyone can fly

If you open your eyes, you will see the truth, and you, you will realize


Everyone's a star, y'all

And know no matter what you do,

You're just as important as anybody else

Lemme tell you who I love:

I love my mailmen, I love my trashmen, my cooks: cook on playa

Firemen, policemen, producers, shoe salesmen, yep (laughs)

Painters, gardeners, plumbers, mayors: you know you watch out for us

Door men, bouncers: bounce on with your big selves

Students: keep learning, teachers, designers, hair dressers,

We know momma, we born

Lawyers, accountants, bikers: bike on for me,
Dancers, actors: show your fame, work it like it ain't got that call

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers,

Grandparents are just as hard-workers as anyone I know

Uh, I gotta love 'em!

All these people in this world, got enough presentation

We love ya! Woo! C'mon, c'mon

Everyone's a star

Look inside and you know you are

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