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Ras Kass – The Reconciliation lyrics

By now everybody know your boy wild as fuck
But I spit shit like two girls one cup
Plus I get on tracks and throw up
Another dumb fuck who can do it for one buck
Call it dumb luck I'm an itunes s***
Don't make me have to call my goons up
But that's neither here nor there
As I drop the top and clear the air
My life like watching Chappelle Show
A lot of funny shit gonna happen in the end a nigga gonna flow
Tryin to forget the past like a history of violence
Not be melinded by the next label I sign with
I aliened with and I grind with niggas I rhyme with and did time with
But lets not dwell on that lets speak to the future
The state of hip hop and a nigga that's super mixed with Lex Luxor
Needed a suga mama so I met me a cougar she look like Smigal but she do keegal
Blew her back out and took me straight to Fred Segal
Cats aint up to par I'm a eagle been bleeding on songs but not quite emo
If ya jeans fittin like spandex ya not a man yet hand him a Tampax
Yep I'm the asshole that said it, squeeze blood from a turnip get head from a lettuce
And this is rap extra credit cuss I move the crowd like telekinetics

I'm the one you need you should recognize it though let it up to me, girl I got this, it go. (X2)

Verse 2
Mr you know who make it do what it do if you don't like certain joints that song wasn't for you critics want a nigga to stagnate
And stay doing the same shit I was doin in "98
Bitch I'm a magnate I grow and elevate experiment with the music just to create so I make underground hip hop then a club record might jump in his grave and collaba with Chub Checkers
Then hop on a verse with an R&B chick or Dr. Dre some west coast gangsta shit and how you gonna be made at that when the flow keep niggas open like a faggots ass and comp get tagged and bagged with no flesh on the bones so the maggots fast
These cornballs are just average trash ain't even worthy to road manage Ras, what!

I'm the one you need you should recognize it though let it up to me, girl I got this, it go. (X2)

Verse 3
The Alicia keys of mc's I'm young artist and pretty from an overlooked city
They say he over lyrical and too gritty but your boy popped up like new titties
Sitten in Victoria Secret it's the law of attraction it's the secret got me thinken of deep shit like how many mother fucken rappers can I kill with an ink pen and why life ain't fair why my brother never wrote and I ain't light weight care
Guess I'm numb to the back stabbin we 're all in heaven and hell like it's Black Sabbath
No black card I got a Rush Card better than an evt card and a bus card I don't fuck with dudes cause I don't trust you all I'm a hustlar you're all bitches and bustas

I'm the one you need you should recognize it though let it up to me, girl I got this, it go. (X2)

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