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Rakim – I'll Be There lyrics

I will always be there
I always be there for you
I will always be there
I'll be there

(1st verse)
I'm bout to meet my comrade on the busy Ave where we clash
Trying to see how much gritty cash this city has
Meantime harass every bitty that pass
And then here you come with your pretty ass
All petite like you make ends meet on Wall Street
Your for keeps couldn't find a woman more complete
You got your head on tight and when you talk I like
For me and you two different walks of life
I'm in the streets too much I pack the heat too much
Put too much trees in the Dutch and don't keep in touch
You try to get in contact I don't respond back
Where the god at come back smellin' like cognac
Baby beware I'm tryin' my best to be fair
Aye yo-the key here is repair this love we share
Cause if we care we would prepare to see clear
Eye to eye we here as long as you be there

I will always be there
I will always be there for you
I will always be there
I'll be there

(2nd verse)
Yo, I'm startin' to understand it you like your evenings enchanted
Love is bond, organic- restaurants romantic
Want me to take your hand and take you around the planet
But I take advantage and take you for granted
Call collect explainin' why I ain't came yet
I ain't winnin' the game yet can I get a rain check
Blow me a kiss in the wind, I'm missin' again
Don't let your sisters and your friends tell you this is the end
Talk a hole in your head puttin' bugs in your ear
Make you role in your bed when your thug ain't there
Somewhere around ladies know I get lonely and proud
Open my file baby you should know me by now
Tryin' to get paid and stay away from old sites
Find my place in life plus I like to hold mics
It might be seven whole days and seven whole nights
But yo it's gonna be alright just hold tight

I will always be there
I will always be there for you
I will always be there
I'll always be there baby

(3rd verse)
Who said something good won't last forever
I know too much of any thing is bad 靪hatever⌦㜱㬵
Long as we have good and bad times together
Bad times make the good times that much better
Peaches and cream, diamonds and ice
You like pieces of dreams you shinin' in the night
Features of a Queen and your mind frame is tight
Timin' is right get ready for the time of your life
You speak about stackin' gees and havin' seeds
Apparently we know it's no guarantee
But losin' you boo who smooth as you
You unusual this is for the cool in you
And for the chill I will forever come real
Your appeal makes it hard to keep my love concealed
All it took was one look, one kiss, one meal
Now come feel, let's make this a done deal

I will always be there
I will always be there for you
I will always be there
I'll be there

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