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Raheem DeVaughn
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Raheem DeVaughn

Guess Who Loves You More lyrics

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Raheem DeVaughn – Guess Who Loves You More lyrics

Word on the streets is you gave him his walking papers and...
Well... I wanna be the man that...
My daddy raised me to be
My momma taught me to be
See baby

Guess who loves you more
(Hey love)
Guess who loves you more than he did
Guess who treats you betta than he did
Girl me
That's right me
When you gon see
Wake up and see [2X]

Lady, lady, lady
My darling, darling baby
I wanna restore your hope
Forget about the past this things gon last
So (all the things you used to share)
I wanna try them (we can toss and turn in bed)
Wanna rock you to sleep me the right way what I'm tryna say is

[Chorus:] [2x]
I love you more.
Guess who loves you more

[Verse 2:]
(Ain't no doubt about it)
My love for you can never be measured
(Aint no doubt about it)
Girl I treasure (your love)
(Girl don't you ever doubt it)
Each day
My love multiplies for you
Girl as long as father time is on my side
I'm gon be by your side
Baby your perfect in my eyes
Your my joy and pride
(Listen baby, here's why)
Girl I love you you you you yooooooouuuuuuu

[Chorus:] [2x]

(It's me that loves you baby)
Honest to God I do
(It's me that loves you baby)
Girl I promise you
That I'll cherish you
(I ain't goin nowhere)
I'll love you
(I'm here baby)
Protect you
(Neva got to worry no)
Cry for you
Yes I will
Honest to God I do
Said I cry for you
I love you baby
I'll cherish you
You'll be my lady
Nothing will break our bond
Honest to God I do
Have faith in me
I have faith in you
Pinky swear
That's how much I care
Oh baby
I wanna love you
Whoooooooooo yea
Ohhhhh I care for you
You'll never never never never never never never never never never never never never never... (you neva got to worry no)
Neva got to worry noooooooooo
In fact I'm on my way right now

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    These words to me, are very special. I meet that someone who knows all the pain I have had and all the dark secrets from my past realation ships and he is telling me the same thing as these word are saying. He loves me mosre than my past, and I will never be hurt from anyone again as long as we have the bond that we have. I don't never have to worry no more!
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