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R. Kelly – Heart Of A Woman lyrics

There are so many answers to the question what ya'll do for us and so many
Reasons for the word why we love on ya'll for instant how ya' take us and lift
Us up and give us chance after chance and we still find a way to to F-things up
And sometimes ya'll go and blame yourselves for thing's we do cause you love us
So much our lies become the truth ya'll try so
So hard to make things work finding a way to smile just to keep from showing
Your hurt within...

Your mind vs (its) Your hearts vs (its) Your soul vs (your) your body vs our
Bullshit (and) our ego's (and) our pride (that's why) that's why I love the word
Woman oh I love I love yall are our so tough ya'll put up with so much that's
Why I love the word woman uh huh oh I love I love ya'll so full of trust and
Besides ya'll know us that's why I love the word woman time and time again
Ya'll let's us back in man I love yall so much that's why I got to spell it out
W O M A N that's what's it's all about... Yeah

Sometimes I think that we're the reason why ya'll be stressing out and smoking
Cigerettes ummmm yes I do and sometimes I think that we're the reason ya'll be
Snapping off on your kids and having fits somebody feel me, Ladies when it's
That time of the month and ya'll really don't feel like being bothered and
Sometimes we take ya'll hearts for granted I know ya'll got to ask yourselves
Sometimes why do I even put up with his shit
Your mind vs (its your) Your hearts vs (its your) Your soul vs (it's your) your
Body (vs our bullshit)our bullshit our ego's (and our)our pride that's why I
Love the word woman said I love the word yeah ya'll are so so tough and ya'll
Put up with so so much.. That's why I love the word woman.. Ummmm and ya'll so
Full of trust and beside ya'll know us that's why I love the word woman time
And time and time again ya'll let us back in and I love you so much I got to
Spell it out W O M A N fellows just swollow your pride for a minute and grab
Your lady by the hand and say:
Baby I'm sorry for the drama that I cause you, yall are the backbone of every
Family this much is true sing it, I reconize being a woman and what yall go
Through and I appreicate every single one of you yes I do baby I promise from
This day I will show respect I promise to love ya'll yeah with all my might
Yeah I'll even burn a candle light because we are here cause ya'll paid a price
That's why I love the word woman and that's why I love the word woman oh oh
Yall put up with so much yeah
That's why I love the word woman and your so so full of trust yall the one
That's why I love the word woman your soul surviors yeah all the love battles
Oh oh
That's why I love the word woman sister yall cook our meals ya'll wash our
Clothes hey yall our the love seeds planted in our souls hey hey when I think
About the woman I just get joyful inside where I just want to break down and
Cry that's why I love the word woman listen ladies like a sister lover cousin
Mother auntie friend my joy within the reason seasons your so pleasing your the
Lock and we're the key created by the all mighty forever as the birds and bees
All whatever you want until we stop breathing.. That's why I love the word woman

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