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Queensryche – Neue Regel lyrics

Reach for a new horizon
Setting sights on a circuit scream
Hail the new arrival on
Static signs from a distant wanderer
Fill the air nights are never seen
Face the electric time shock now
No its not a dream anymore

I will light the way for us to find
Order of a new kind
Join us on the stay the road is mine
Poets line in a rhyme of silence
Gathered from the winter air
Warms the childrens eyes they see
The time is near for the signs

I can hear the chimes
Ringing for you for me
I can see your eyes
Your hands joining with me
I can feel its time
Come together hold the light
Keep the flame we can't let this world remain
The same

I can hear the chimes
Ringing for you for me
I can see your eyes
Your hands joining with me
I can feel its time
Its time for the world to hear
Neue regel is here

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    I agree with the previous post. Queensryche was in a kind of sci-fi creative phase in this album, with all kinds of super-imaginative "what-if" kinds of songs. What if computers could think (screaming in digital), what if there came a time when everything in your mind was visible to the gov't & shared by all computers. (i will remember) so I think this is supposed to be in a 1984 or brave new world or equilibrium type of setting. What if you were a thinking person living in that kid of place? Haunting, poetic, perfect. I love how they use sound effects as music. This is one of my favorite queensryche songs.
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