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Put – Dhe Blhack Mhan's A Fhailure lyrics

He taught me da game
Showed me da way how 2 hustle a dime
But my dad didn’t teach me a thing
About sticking 2gether wit my own kind
What my dad taught me was 2
Use and abuse my woman all d time
He said, go out git all you can
Don’t worry about da children you leave behind

Cuz we pimps, we players, we dogs
We not men (repeat)

Da reason y I go around with a frown
Is because my sorry old man let me down
Breaking all da rules his father lay down
My dad’s dat new knee-gro wit his knees on da ground

Dad’s dat knee-gro with his knees on da ground (repeat)

My dad’s, he’s a failure
He failed momma, me and my sista
Daddy want 2 know how couldja

(Cuz) Ima a pimp, Ima player, Ima dog
I’m not a man (repeat)

But dad, this da 1st time you ever seen’t me
Looka here son it’s all about da money and booty
But dad, it wuz you who tricked our mom den left
Sis is pregnant, I’m n prison we had 2 raise ourselves
Cuz you failed as a man ur a total disgrace
You help prosecute, jail me 4 an oppressive race
You fool you idiot poor xcuse 4 a man
All you taught me wuz 2 go around wit filth n my hand

Whose yo daddy
Dat knee-gro with his filth n his hand (repeat)

Da black man he’s a failure
Failed momma, me and my sista
Black man tell how couldja
Da black man he’s a fhailure he
Failed momma, me and my sista
Black man tell how couldja

(Cuz) Ima a pimp (ruff ruff), Ima player (ruff ruff), Ima dog (ruff ruff), I’m not a man (ruff ruff) (repeat)

Whose yo daddy
Dat knee-gro pimping all of his children
Whose yo daddy
Dat knee-gro playing me as villain
Whose yo daddy
Dat knee-gro dogging all of his women
Whose yo daddy
D imbecile of da whole solar system

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