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Prince Paul – Beautiful Night (Manic Psychopath) lyrics

You have three minutes in which to tell me a dream, any dream
Some one you had last night, if you can remember it
Or any dream you can remember
Go ahead, try not to censor, just let it out
Begin please

I got a little uh
(Just a beautiful night)
It's not like a dream, it's a confession y'know?
I kinda wild out last night y'know to some shit
Real ill shit
(It's just a beautiful night)
Let me tell you about it

Took this girl out to the movies y'know
Dinner, the whole shit, y'know
We had the lovely time, y'know
Took her back to the crib, y'know

I spent a lot of money on her
I, I, I passed off, so I felt like she should pass off
Y'know? But she didn't, so I took it

Yeah, I raped her y'know
I mean you know. I know it's fucked up
But uh, I-I-I felt bad so I left
Y'know I went out, went to the store
To get me a little somethin' to drink, y'know

Went to this, went to this bar
Ordered some Amaretto, y'know
Bottle of Amaretto you know
This whitey bartender said uh
He don't serve no niggers, y'know?

What? Huh, I snapped on this motherfucker, y'know
Draggin' him by his collar
Pullin' him over the muh'fuckin' counter
Dragged him outside and I killed this motherfucker
I really wild out last night, I was illin'

But straight up, to be honest, Doc?
It was a beautiful night
(It's just a beautiful night for a date rape)
I mean, it was a beautiful night though
I kinda enjoyed that shit for some reason
(A beautiful night, for a kill)

I mean I could do that shit again, y'knowhati'msayin'?
(It's a beautiful night for a homicide)
That's what I'm tryin' to tell you, somethin' wrong here
It's a beautiful night
(A beautiful night, let's go steal)

(Well, it's a beautiful night to kill crackers)
So I went to Madison Square Garden to see
The Beastie Boys, youknowhati'msayin'?
Them niggaz had me riled up, youknowhati'msayin'?
(A beautiful night, all around, woah)

They was doing The New Style, all that shit y'knowhati'msayin'?
I really enjoyed the shit, slam dancin' y'know
(It's a beautiful night for a date rape)
Folks was really into that shit y'knowhati'msayin'?
Vintage old school rap, y'know?
(A beautiful night for a kill)
This one cracker slam danced a little too hard and

I ain't like that shit y'knowhati'msayin'?
I'm enjoyin' myself, he enjoyin' hisself
But some, some reason, some s-s-some friction kicked off y'know?
I grabbed this motherfucker, I snapped his neck, you know?

This nigga dropped right there, boom
Crackers was lookin' me y'know'm'sayin'
They was scared though y'know
They ain't never see a muh'fuckin' cracker drop like that doe
I killed this muh'fuck*are but it was a beautiful night

(It's just a beautiful night, for a date rape)
It was a beautiful night
(A beautiful night for a kill)
I mean I wasn't wrong for that shit was I Doc?
(It's a beautiful night for a homicide)
This type of shit happen everyday in the ghetto Doc
(A beautiful night, let's go steal)
You should come on down, hang out

Yo there's this girl, y'knahmsayin' named Susie
I used to date, y'knahmsayin'?
She got a butter body, she-yknahmsayin'?
She real slick, y'know

Me and my homeboys, we got together
She hung with a few of her crew, y'knahmsayin'?
We was all coolin' out, three and three, y'knahmsayin'?

But her girlfriends y'know they weren't with it
They stepped off, they left her
Me and my homeboys, I ain't gon' say no names
Y'knowhati'msayin', Doc, 'cause that would be wrong
We start feelin' on the shit, feelin' her up y'knowhati'msayin'?
Enjoyin' ourselves, y'knahmsayin'? We had our way with it y'know?

First I thought she was enjoyin' it
But when she started screamin' no
And shit I knew we was wrong
But we just took that shit man fuck it
It was a beautiful night

(It's just a beautiful night, for a date rape)
It was a beautiful night, Doc, y'know?
(A beautiful night for a kill)
I mean is there somethin' wrong with me
Enjoyin' this type of shit, Doc? I mean y'know

(It's a beautiful night for a homicide)
My old mom, she brought me up right y'know
Whatever, but I like the shit
(A beautiful night, let's go steal)
Well, it's a beautiful night to kill crackers
(A beautiful night all around, woah)
I was watchin' all my children one day
(It's a beautiful night)

Unfortunately I can not give a clinical analysis
Of the symbolism of this dream
Unless we want this record thoroughly banned
But let me tell you it's pretty dirty

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