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Poor Old Lu – The Weeds That Grow Around My Feet lyrics

'Weeds' actually sprung out of a song written by Jesse. Although the chords and tempo were changed slightly, the general feel of the song remains the same. As we finished writing the song in studio, I had an incredibly difficult time writing lyrics, or maybe I had difficulty being comfortable with what I had already written. In any case, this song has grown on me over the years more than any other song.

The theme of this song runs pretty deep. 'The Weeds That Grow Around My Feet' of course deals with someone standing in one place for too long, so that the weeds begin to grow around them. Specifically, this song deals with being stuck in a rut of sin. Often times we get caught in a sinful situation, but if left unchecked that sin begins to grow and pull us down. Over time, the sin is our comfort ("do I love this world?, can I breathe beyond here?"). Recognizing that we are caught in a rut of sin is so important, but we need to bring it before the Lord. It's also imperative that we get accountability with a friend or pastor. Our God is the God of freedom, and He hates to see us bound by anything of this world. Amen.

Choices cloud my head again
Wrapped up in myself instead
And if I fall this time
Will it be the last time
For this crime

And anger has more of my soul
Than I ever wished it would hold
And as I let it go
And watch how it grows
It won't fold

Do I love this world?
Can I breathe beyond here?

Flowers have grown round my eyes and ears
The soil it soaks all my tears
How I'm tired of standing here
And I'm sick of that heat that's so near

And if we're all right
And if we cannot be wrong
Then we needn't fear
We're almost there
Like I'm depressed and I hold a gun

Do I love this world?
Can I breathe beyond here?

It's all the same
Just falling rain
All the more the reason to stay
What is the scene
It's brown and green
The weeds that grow around my feet

And if we're all right
And if we cannot be wrong
Then we needn't fear
We're almost there

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