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Poor Old Lu – Sickly lyrics

'Sickly' was written entirely in the studio over the course of a few hours. The guys (Aaron, Nick & Jesse) began to jam on a moody song in the main room while I (Scott) tried to work out a suitable melody and lyrics. Without much warning 'Sickly' was born. Very moody. Slightly aggressive. Quiet and loud. 'Sickly' remains one of my very favorite Lu songs - partly because I think it's a good song, and partly because of how mysteriously it came to be. Coupled with 'My World Falls Down' on the tail end, 'Sickly' has also been a favorite concert song. An equally moody video for 'Sickly' can be found on Poor Old Lu's 1995 video cassette, 'Sit & Stare'.

This song is strangely simplistic lyrically. The verses deal with opposite extremes, for the most part, such as "sunny/raining" or "sad/happy", while the chorus is just flat-out frustration and confusion. It isn't until the last few lines that any good comes of it all - "well, i don't know much, but i think i'm on my knees; well, i don't' know much, but i think i gotta pray". Sometimes that's what it all comes down to - still dealing with the pain, confusion and frustration, but knowing *only* that we have to pray. Amen.

Is it sunny?
Or is it raining out today?
Is it calm outside?
Or is the wind all on your face?
Did the storm subside?
Did it leave without a trace?

Are you well?
Or have you never been so sickly?
Are you stupid?
Or have you never been so funny?

Will, i don't know, but i think i'm gonna
Well, i don't know, but i think i'm going

Are you empty?
Or are you all up full of money?
Is your head clear?
Or is it busy, falling, snowing?
Are you sad?
Or have you never been so happy?

Well, i don't know, but i think i'm gonna
Well, i don't know, but i think i'm going
Well, i don't know, but i think i'm
On my knees
Well, i don't know, but i think i
Gotta pray

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