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Poor Old Lu – My World Falls Down lyrics

Arguably the most popular Lu song - at least in concert. 'My World Falls Down' was always a slight notch up in the 'distortion' department than most of our stuff, but still fit very well. The beauty of this song might lie in it's aggressive nature that soon tapers off. It is at times sing-songy, but then turns to flat out screams. Come to think of it, this song is strangely complex. I doubt very much that it fits the mold for the perfect pop single, yet it works quite nicely. Some have commented that this song is, perhaps, "perfect". I don't know about that, but it's still a lot of fun to listen to and play.

At it's very core, 'My World Falls Down' deals with a common struggle of knowing wrong, but doing nothing about it. Seeing sin, but refusing to give it up to God and deal with it. First the struggle ("oh, how my world falls down"), then the realization ("and how I sink at the sound"), yet so often we go on with our routine ("but how I won't shut up") - perhaps hoping that it will just go away, but it does not. The chorus, of course, is the cry to be freed from this paradigm. How can I live this way, Lord? Will I always be like this? "My God, get me free!" Still a very real issue in most of our lives. On an interesting side note, the second verse (I guess it's a verse) has an intended parallel to an incident where I fainted at a Taco Bell. While we were eating, I choked (more or less) on my food, a churro and Pepsi, starting feeling very light-headed, and finally just passed out in the chair next to me. They all thought that I was just being funny. Adding that brief story into these lyrics serves no actual purpose, it's just amusing. I don't think any of the guys picked up on it until years later. (note: the final yell at the end of the last verse is *not* an expletive, it just sounds a bit like one.)

Oh, how my world falls down
And how I sink at the sound
But how I won't shut up

I stay (though my pain it swells)
I wait (as if all is well)
I faint (cause I've choked to tell)

I've got my sin and I've got my lie
Am I on my face? Got to know who am I
I'm a stupid man and my eyes are dry

Oh, how my world falls down
And how I sink at the sound
But now I won't shut up

Insane. What say me?
My God, get me free
Insane. What say me?
My God, get me free

I stay (though how dumb I be)
I wait (as He waits for me)
I faint (cause it's so heavy)

Will I lift my hands and die inside?
I suffocate when I hold my life
Will we throw this out? Ya, I need Christ

Insane. What say me?
My God, get me free
Insane. What say me?
My God, get me free

Oh, how my world falls down
And how I sink at the sound
And still I won't shut up

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