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Pok̩Mon РSuteki Na Collection (Wonderful Collection) lyrics

Nani kore kore nani kore kore collection
Kore nani nani kore kore kore collection
Show me Tell me anata no collection
Misete yo kikase yo suteki na collection
(What is this, this is what, this, this collection?
This is what, what is this, this, this collection?
Show me, tell me, your collection
Show me! Tell me! Your wonderful collection!)

O-suki na mono wo dekiru dake
Dekiru han'ika ga atsumereba
Yagate dareka ga tachichidomari
Anata ni koe wo kakeru deshou
(Your wonderful things, if at all possible
If you collect, and are shy
Soon someone will stop
A voice from you will call out, don't you agree?)

Nani sore sore nani motto yoku misete
Oh! Sore are deshou? "Pokester badge"
Please onegai! Hitootsu kurenai?
Demo sono mae ni.... Anta dare?
(What is that, that is what? Show me more
Oh? What is that, those? "Pokester badge?"
Please, please! That deep red one?
But that one in front... Who are you?)

Hitotsu futatsu mittsu ijou
Atsumetara collection!
(1, 2, 3, more still
An assembled collection!)

Toukaidou wa [53]
Tarot wa [78]
Pokйmon [151]
(Toukaidou [53]
Tarot cards [78]
Pokemon [151])

Uchuu wa hoshi no collection
Sekai wa kibou no collection
Koi wa heart no collection
(The cosmos is a collection of stars
The world is a collection of wishes
Love is the heart's collection)

La La La La...

Nani kore kore nani kore kore collection
Kore nani nani kore kore kore collection
Atsumeta mono kara hitotsu dake
Daiji na hito ni present
Suruto hitomi ga kagayaite
Egao no kaiwa hazumu deshou
(What is this, this is what, this, this collection
This is what, what is this, this, this collection
From your collected things, just one
A present for an important person
Thereupon my eyes will shine
My large smile will spring out)

Nani kore kore nani yatta boku ureshi
Wow! Kore shitteru! "Stage ishou"
Great odoroki! Arigato momonoki!
Demo sono mae ni.... Naze indo?
(What is this, this is what, you did it! I am happy
Wow! I know this! "Stage ishou"
Great, I'm amazed! Thank you!
But this one here... What is India?)

Hyaku nihyaku sanhyaku ijou
Atsumetara chou collection!
(100, 200, 300, and more
If you have collected a super collection!)

Alphabet wa [26]
Okouroushi wa [47]
Pokйmon wa [151]
(The Alphabet [26]
Okouroushi [47]
Pokemon [151])

Inochi wa kiseki no collection
Tabi wa deai no collection
Koi wa heart no collection
(Life is a collection of miracles
A journey is a collection of meetings
Love is a collection of hearts)

La La La La...

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