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Pok̩Mon РMinna De Arkou! (Let's Walk Together!) lyrics

Mezamashi keshitara chikoku-shite
(If I turn off my alarm clock, I'll be late)

koronde kegashite tsuite nai yo
(taking a spill, getting hurt - I'm not getting there!)

Kedo kedo
(but, but)


Isoganai de 1, 2
(Don't hurry, 1,2)

Isoganai de arukou!
(Don't hurry, let's walk!)

Pikachuu ga tsuite-ru sa
(Pikachu is getting there)


Otenba sekkachi okori nbou
(being called a tomboy and impatient makes me mad)

Tsuyogari occhokochoi cho-saite!
(a bluffing careless person is absolutely the worst!)

kedo kedo
(but, but)


Genki dashite 1,2
(Cheer up, 1,2)

Genki dashite saikou!
(Cheer up the best you can!)

Togepi ga yonde ru yo
(Togepi is calling.)


Ano machi kono machi hitomebore
(That town, this town, I'm taken at first sight)

Dono michi furarete - furafura dessu
(whichever road, I'm given the cold shoulder - I'm dizzy.)

kedo kedo
(But, but)


Ude wo futte 1,2
(Waive your arms, 1,2)

ude wo futte arukou!
(Waive your arms, let's walk!)

Rokon ga issho da yo
(Vulpix is with us.)



Hirameki SKETCH yarinaoshi
(Redoing a sketch that came to me in a flash)

Nankai kaite mo umaku ikanai yo~
(though I draw it many times, it doesn't come out right.)

kedo kedo
(but, but)


Aseranaide 1,2
(don't fade away 1,2)

Aseranaide saikou!
(absolutely don't fade away!)

Mariru ga matte ru yo
(Marril is waiting.)

Kyou mo ashita mo yume made mo
(Today, tomorrow, and until dreams)

Te wo tsunai de 1,2
(don't hang your hand 1,2)

Te wo tsunai de arukou
(don't hang your hand - let's walk)

Fushigi da ne*, hoshi ga waratta...
(Strange isn't it, how the stars laughed...)

*This would seem to be a pun - Bulbasaur's (who speaks briefly in the song) Japanese name is Fushigidane.

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