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Phyllis Hyman – I Can't Take It Anymore lyrics

(Reginald Hines, Nick Martinelli)

Like a thief in the middle of the night
He take all my love and leave me there to fight
Solitude, the anger and the pain
Then you're back around to try it all again
It's cutting me like a knife
Save this healing I have for life
Enough pleasure back that I give you
You keep building me up like thunder
When I'm climbing the peak, I wonder
Why I feel so empty

And I just can't take it anymore
No more
I can't take it anymore
No more
(Just can't take it anymore)

I used to put a prize of pleasure, it was fun
Now my life has changed, you're the only one
Giving everything and getting no return
This relationship has taking quite a turn
Making love in the night time
Used to be just the right time
To get some satisfaction guaranteed
Now I'm drowning in deep frustration
And I'm ready for a salvation
From this lonely feeling

And I just can't take it aymore
Ooh, no more
I can't take it anoymore
Ooh, no more

Don't you know I'm packing my bags forever
Leaving the scene
On for some new beginning
To follow my dream
I'll be bathing on a pleasure
This new man can give
You know we could keep this moment
The way I really want to feel
I wanna live in ecstasy

I just can't take it anymore (I can't take it, ooh baby)
No more (I don't want it, baby)
I can't take it aymore
(Oh, I can't take it, I don't want it, baby)
No more (No, I can't take it, baby)


I just can't take it anymore (Ohhh...)
No more (I can't take it, baby)
I can't take it anymore (I don't want it, I don't need it)
(I ain't gonna take it, darling)
No more
Just can't take it anymore (I can't take it)
No more (I don't want it)
I can't take it anymore (I can't take this misery and pain)
No more (it's driving me insane)

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