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Phineas And Ferb – Chains On Me lyrics

I woke up this mornin', and the world was gray.
Haven't seen the sun since they hauled me away.
The boss man says there's no use in tryin',
He won't let me color outside of the lines.

Got these chains on me,
And, they're draggin' me down.
Got these chains on me,
Hear that clankin' sound?
Got these chains on me,
Mister, hear my song.
Don't say imagination is morally wrong.

Drink of water, boss?

As long as I've been here I got nothin' to show,
Try to make somethin' but the boss says no
Wanna be creative but the man won't hear it
That big boss man is tryin' to crush my spirit

Got these chains on me,
They won't let me fly
Got these chains on me,
Won't tell me why
Got these chains on me
Mister, hear my song.
Don't say imagination is morally wrong
No, they won't let us dance or bang that gong,
'Cause they say imagination is morally wrong!

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