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Pencey Prep – P.S. - Don't Write lyrics

While you were fucking off
I went and found something new
Packed up all my shit
Stole back all my tapes
Left your spare key under the mat
This is not a joke
You'd better learn to take a hint
Cause I'm not coming back
Maybe you'll understand when you're waking up alone
In a cold and empty bed

If you're reading this, I'm gone
Happy birthday
Ps - Don't write
Cause you will not get a reply

While you were fucking off
I got my life in shape
Somewhere along the line
I found a hidden strength that I didn't know I had
Standing on my own
Cutting all the strings that you used to control
Surprise surprise
I am long gone

If you thought you could keep me down
By holding me up
You were wrong
You don't call the shots anymore

While you were fucking off
I learned to love myself again
Even better now
I learned to hate you
C'est la vie, baby
We're through
See you around
Maybe on the sixth of never

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  • out_of_order
    Wow, I was just watching this for the first time on YouTube, and the lyrics seemed to describe what I was going through when my last ex dumped me. Then I saw the date the video was uploaded was March 17th, 2009 and the guy broke up with me March 16th, 2009. So that was like fate or something. It fits really well. I'm really glad I found this band. I had thought Frank Iero was just the guitarist in it, but he's actually the singer/front man, which is why I checked them out, and they're awesome.
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