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Paul Simon – Mother And Child Reunion lyrics

No I wopuld not give you false hope
On this strange and mournful day
But the mother and child reunion
Is only a motion away
Little darling of mine.

I can't for the life of me
Remember a sadder day
I know they say let it be
But it just don't work out that way
And the course of the lifetimes runs
Over and over again.

No I would not give...

I just can't believe it's go
Though it seems strange to say
I never been laid so low
In such a mysterious way
And the course of a lifetime runs
Over and over again.

But I would not give...

The mother and child reunion
Is only a motion away
Oh the mother and child reunion
Is only a moment away.

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  • m
    This song will always be deep in my heart for the sake of my personal experience with it. I grew up hearing Paul Simon played in the house by my folks, so as an adult years later of course knew all his lyrics. I had the childhood nostalgia associated with his voice and melodies. But when I was in my early 20's my only child was kidnapped at the age of 3 years old. He was gone for just over 3 months before he was found. This was the most tortous three months of my live. On the fateful day he was found several states away I recieved a phone call from a private investigator telling me he was found, and told me to get in my car and start driving. I drove and drove with more joy and releif than i could ever express. I had the radio on, and sure enough, I heard Paul Simon singing of the mother and child reunion only moments away. I could not believe the confluence of the universe in that moment. Then it became horribly atuned. Just as i finished singing along to 'I would not give you false hope," my phone rang again. The investigator apoligized that it was a case of mistaken identity. That was the worst moment of my life. I cannot fathom another like it could be borne by any human. But the universe is strange like that. Again that phone rang. The investigator. It was mistaken identity by an arresting officer. A miscommunication. My son was found. All in the span of the song Mother and Child Reunion. About 5 hours later, my child was in my arms. Now he is 10 years old, remembers about nothing of the events, and is a happy and sweet boy, oblivious to such terrible things. My cries with relief each time I hear that song.
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  • s
    I believe the song is about a custody battle, and the motion is the judge's decision to reunite the child with its mother.
    The father will not give the child false hope that they will be able to stay together because the courts tend to give physical custody to the mother.
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  • u
    This song perfectly expresses my suicidal grief at the death of my mother, when I was eleven. One motion - one moment - one next breath: all I had to do was not to take that next breath, and I would, I could, be with her. So easy. But, there were her children left to me to raise, and forty-three years later, I'm still not through. I get closer to that one moment every second, and that has made the days without her bearable. Hearing this song, though, still tempts me. Still totrures me. Still sustains me.
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