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Patti Jo Roth-Edwards – Hot Coffee lyrics

Well, they serve it kind of black and you like it just like that - hot coffee
You like the way they do it, so strong that you can chew it - hot coffee

Hold out your cup and have some more
If you run out you'll have to go to the store for - hot coffee

If you want a latte just add a little white and steam it - hot coffee
The black will turn to tan - it's a work of art so plan to have - hot coffee

A place to share with your friends, Hours go by - it never ends
Until they kick you out and you take it to go
But you'll be back for mo' - hot coffee

Shoob-i-da - dee-dee wo wo
Shoob-i-da - dee-dee wo
Hot coffee - hot coffee

Shoob-i-da - dee-dee wo wo
Shoob-i-da - dee-dee wo
Hot coffee - hot coffee

Shoob-i-da - dee-dee wo wo
Shoob-i-da - dee-dee wo
Hot coffee - hot coffee

Well, it doesn't keep you awake - hot coffee
Drink it all day until the night is late - hot coffee
Even your houseplants love the grounds
All the extra goes in the garden on the ground - That's coffee - grounds

Only food that goes with coffee goes in your house - hot coffee
You're really not addicted just cause you only drink - hot coffee

Water that's not black is just absurd
Wanna know what I want - here's two words - hot coffee

Hot coffee - hot coffee - Hot and black. Steamin'

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  • pattijoedwards
    I was inspired by the coffee from our local coffee roaster and my friend Jay who drinks nothing but coffee. I have known others like him who have a passion for the very best coffee, fresh, hot and so strong that you can chew it.
    There was a time in my early career when I was playing coffee houses where I was often paid in lattes and tips. It was when and where I developed my people skills and a love of really good coffee. It is an art to foam the milk just right. So, it is not just Jay's strange and perfectly understandable obsession that inspired this song. I love coffee. First thing in the morning, the thought of this amazing bean brew can compel me to get out of bed on a cold morning.
    The jazzy style supports the theme. Coffee makes me happy - mmmmm Hot Coffee with perfect foam.
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