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Pastor Troy – Police Caint Break It Up lyrics

Police caint break it up
Caint no bouncers break it up
Caint nobody break it up
Until we fuck them niggas up

Immmmm comin at cha hard
Comin harda than ever
Doin this one for the cheese
Doin this one for the cheddar
Pull up at tha bounce in mi lamborghini
I guess I mean A lam
I ride it like A ram
No I. D.
I don't give A damn
Hood full of bam
Trunk full of motor
Itz P. T. Fuck pullin ova
And then I got these suckaz
I gotta deal wit
Catch these hoes at they shows
And start sum muthafuckin shit
Itz P. T. Pop that shit now
Itz P. Troy nigga pop that shit nowwww
(Chorus 4X)

[Verse 2:]
Caint nobody break it up
Hit da club git krunk az fuck
Let them lil boyz no
I'm tha dirty souf ho
First to come
Last to leave
Ridin tha droptop ------
Mo cheeze than cheddar
Bitch, mozarella
And me mi niggaz bout da fuckin goodfellaz
And if we catch yo azz P-Poppin
Put you in tha trunk like I done been shoppin
I'm robbin
I'm jackin
Watz shakin!?
Watz happ-Nin!?
You grindin!?
You shinin!?
You totin!?
You packin!?
I'm packin too
Ill bust yo vest wide open
Boom boom boom boom and keep on smokin
Shark N da water lookin for A prey
Atlanta ocean strapped with da K
Great whit shark uz A goldfish nigggaaaa
And I'm gone git ya
(Chorus 4X)

[Verse 3:]
Caint nobody break it up
I'm in da club bout crunk as fuck
First time you see dat nigga
Last time you gone see dat nigga
D. S. G. B in da back wit me
Hundred round clip
Pop pop pop and itz on
Run out to tha drop and I'm gone
Fired up in mi V 12
Shakin up mi dred lockz
Goon squad behind me
Ridin in mi maybach
Pussy nigga it don't stop
And it come quick
Keep on talkin shit
We gone G ya like A bitch
P. T. Iz uhh
Punk niggaz around
Got da red nose for all uv yall clownz
Around here uh you gone watch yo fuckin mouf
Tha dirrrrrtttttyyyy
Huh, dirty souf
You know who it iz
You know who I am
You know what da biz
You know whu mi fam
Mi killaz is tyred
And I'm gittin tyred
And we wont quit until that grill rewired ya ho

(Chorus 4X)

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