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Parokya Ni Edgar
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Parokya Ni Edgar

Your Song lyrics

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Parokya Ni Edgar – Your Song lyrics

It took one look
And forever lay out in front of me
One smile then I die
Only to be revived by you

There I was
Thought I had everything figured out
It goes to show just how much I know
About the way life plays out

I take one step away
And I find myself coming back to you

My one and only
One and only you

Now I know
That I've known not a thing at all
Except the fact that I am yours
And that you are mine

Oh, you told me that this wouldn't be easy
And Oh, I'm not one to complain

Repeat Chorus Except Last Line
Repeat Chorus

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    It's my one and only favorite song. I've been dreaming to sing this to girl of my life whom I can't get rid of. Unfortunately, I'm not her dream guy that's why I only sing this to myself. No matter how hard I've been trying to forget her, to get away from her life, I'm still going back to her. We work in the same company but in different department. We don't see each other everyday, but one day the management created new project and we were assigned to be part of that project that I need to report to her daily. And here I am, still waiting for her feelings to change for me.
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