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Originoo Gunn Clappaz – Bounce To The Ounce lyrics

[top dog]
Damn man smoking a big ass bob marley spliff
Got my shit dry right now gotta get something to drink
That's my word
Pull over to this fucking curb right here
Damn shorty what the fuck you doing yo?
Yo get the fuck out my car close my door man
Before I smack the fuck out you that's my word

Bon voyage like tracy chapman ya' better slow down in fast cars
Chillin in my whip and listening to chico debarge
Since arge, got a rap nigga like me listen to r&b
Yo pardon me, which one of y'all hard niggas said
That I listen to r&b reggae and bust raps fuck that
I heard a lot of shortys you be hounding ya'll
O. G. C 98 every one accounted for still
With my girl and I smoke big spliffs
Listen to ll and watch will smith
Ahh shit everybody asking will the game change
If you remain the same then the game will never change,
What it be like, me and my niggas ge ce alike
We the type of niggas you don't really wanna get hype
Cause we might start acting up in your club
Cause we don't give a fuck cause we real niggas so what?

Yo come here, stop acting like that
Go ahead walk down here to the bar
Yo son I'll met y'all on the floor aiight

Aiiyo I was in the cut rolling up felling kinda twisted
Fuckin with this shorty while I asked her if she missed me,
She boldly had told me that all I wanted her panties
Get her home and fill her up with henny,
I didn't call she was alone that night
And for some reason dj spins brian mcknight
That's all I heard my word son she sang the song
Asking the ville was I on ya' mind at all?
I try to to say na but hell yea came out I couldn't spit it out
Tell her what this shit was about
Maybe I'm movin too fast cause I want that ass
Before I jet from the scene let me count my cash,
They call him henny villie
That is good and plenty you gotta just love this shit,
The more I look the more I look the more I wanna dick this chick,
But then my niggas call gotta get her out to the whip.

To all my new york niggas gotta bounce to this
Grab your blunt or your leaf smoke a ounce to this
Where ever y'all niggas is it, ya gotta spark up ya splif
Cause only O. G. C can put it down like this
To all my west coast niggas gotta bounce to this
Grab ya blunt or ya leaf smoke a ounce to this
Where ever ya niggas is at ya gotta spark up ya splif
Cause only O. G. C could put it down like this

I knew you damn rap niggas wasn't no good yo yo yo
What you talkin bout man
What you talkin about man shut the fuck up no, no, no
You shut the fuck, yo I gotta go yo
I'ma get ya' punk ass shot

Yo doc, I just hung up with my ex,
She tried to flex like funk master
I got my gun in my lap I can't get to my trunk faster
Smoke this weed first and then we get drunk after
Cause at home bitches suck on my dick like a pacifier
For real man will ain't no liar
Word up word up I smoke and smoke and smoke
Until I can't get no higher
Yo hit him in his lip, now what ya teeth is on
My right hand let y'all know that the beef is on
Cause this rap cat's got all these gay niggas wanna be em
Hell yea easy lp gonna get it when I see him
Word up I learned that from my wild niggas out in C. I.
Aiiyo charlene hold my jacket let me handle my B. I
Starang just ya' averege joe like G. I.
To my man lil and grant, when I see em on his V. I.
But I stay on the move that's what I whip the black range four,
Big face benny for chicks to get change for
For real what up I had to up my credentials
Then move change my area to residential
Call from dru ha get the memo that I sent you?
L. E. X two(2) hours niggas had two(2) rentals,
Back in 95 I was a rapper with potential magnum P. I.
Every thing confidential,
Even at J. F. K niggas talkin
While I'm walkin in puffy on the radio
Aiyyo I'm back in new york again

I can't say I know any
Cru's I know to many
Now make ya' choice
Choose starang
Choose henny, ride around my way
In my black 420 smokin on a bob marley
While I'm sippin on henny, can't say I know any
Cru's I knwo to many, now make ya' choice
Choose starang
Choose henny, ride around my way
In the black 420 puffin on a bob marley
While I be sippin on henny
[top dog]
All my P. A. Niggas just bounce to this,
All my california niggas smoke a ounce to this,
All my detroit niggas just bounce to this,
All my arizonia niggas smoke a ounce to this,
All my D. C. Niggas just boune to this,
All my K. C. Niggas smoke a ounce to this,
My A. T. L gotta bang head bounce to this

[o. G. C]
Come on smoke a ounce smoke a ounce

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