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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Serpent Kisses And Serpent Smiles - Inside The Ord lyrics

I'm the serpent Messiah of your wakened dreams
With a serpent smile and a dagger of silver
I shall make you lust and make you bleed
With a knife and a smile I am evil for thee
I'm the angel of pleasure, infesting your sleep
As true as I am I'm the kindest of beasts
The equations unravel my numbers of truth
Completion is foursome and women are two

I'm the brother of silver I'm the twin made of two
I'm the sister of serpents who shall crucify truth
Your crimson lips are pleased by women
Your craving skin relieved by me
Forbid yourself nothing and be complete
As the boundaries perish we come as three
The circus of moonshine is coming to town
Where the clowns are bleeding and the harlots are bound

The kings are tortured the crucified crowned
A banquet of pleasure of desires unbound
Behold the equations unravel before you
As evil is evil and women are two
Drink the flames of the cocktail I gave you
Let madness be lucent let madness become you
Our brothers and sisters they will not comply
Wearing serpent kisses wearing serpent smiles

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