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Ookla The Mok – Theme From 'super Skrull' lyrics

On the Skrull home world in a secret laboratory
They modified a chromosome and so begins the story
Of a Skrull whose nearly impossible chore
Is to battle and defeat the Fantastic Four.
He's Super Skrull--incredible!
He's as geechy as Nietzsche and that's no bull.
Though to us he seems preposterous,
It's really not for us to just
Pass a rash judgement on the Super Skrull,
Cause his left arm can stretch
Like it's made out of plastic:
It's as elastic as Mr. Fantastic.
His right arm's got orange rocks for skin:
From the shoulder down he's as strong as big Ben Grimm.
He can turn one leg invisible,
Which really isn't all that practical.
Unless you're extremely gullible
You won't be fooled by Super Skrull.
His other leg is flammable
(the same thing as inflammable):
He crossed his legs and then he learned
His invisible leg could still get burned.
Though his appearance is comical
And raises many questions anatomical,
His features aren't as malleable
As the features of his fellow Skrull.
From his hat down to his shoes
He wears unstable molecules.
He's endorsing rc Cola
And cruising chicks with Arnim Zola.
He's not even possible,
But what the hell, he's Super Skrull!
He can't tie his shoes without an oven mitt,
And he has a hard time finding shirts that fit.
Painfully implausible,
Technically impossible.
Socks? He's got a closet full.
His favorite band is Jethro Tull.
He's not just any ordinary Skrull, he's Super Skrull!

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