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Onyx – Frontline lyrics

Turn this up, mane
For the street's back

For my niggas on the frontline
(Cut others on my side, weah)
For my niggas on the frontline
(Cut others)

This for my niggas on the frontline
And the trip is that the work got ya one time
For my thugs that are standin' in the doorway
First time you had s** was in the hallway
Or from the place that's considered fucked up side
When niggas starvin' in the streets like the bonkfire
Crafty nigga on the block got an open case
Shut up niggas get shot and catch an open face
Harsh reality, we livin' in survival mode
The hood taint, ain't nobody livin' by the code
For the money, nigga sellin' yo mother out
Yung Biggie sellin' drugs at they mother house
And smoke weed all day to keep the stress away
And the root of all evil tryna test my fame
Pray for God, keep a gun by me just in case
If they lay me to rest, I'll rest my case

For my niggas on the frontline
For my niggas on the frontline
For my niggas on the frontline
For my niggas on the frontline

Backed the bendies, clocked up, triggers are locked up
Call it what you call it, I'mma call it some blocks stuff
Used to gash and blast, double barrel, the flip's narrow
Don't even give it to Galvin (I flipped it one time)
Hang with the master mobsters, over them keith
Rockets on 'em just for the arguments
Drugs and guns and dones, and everything(?) till my plan's done
Hidin' in my mansion one, yea, I'mma polo that
Polo with a rooba silhouette
Ballin' with my niggas in Chicago, pull it near - dead, my nigga
Is this as big as you get? The bigger you fall, the bigger you shit
Check the wall full of scholars, bank alarm resemble road joggers
All my niggas push to get off, pop the palace, king
It's just a family status, don't be strained up
Talkin' with the family cowards
Come on

For my niggas on the frontline
For my niggas on the frontline
For my niggas on the frontline
For my niggas on the frontline

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