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Alumina (English Version) lyrics

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Nightmare – Alumina (English Version) lyrics

Amidst the passing time, a twinkling and ephemeral sparkling resonates;
I'm a believer that keeps walking to carve his memories into the world.

With dreams that no one else can ever have, I cast aside everything that I don't need.
No feelings of surrender reside inside my heart.

There is still a gap between my ideals and reality, even though the shackles of sacrifice anchored my feet from moving.
I can't suppress the passion of my heart.

"Lies", "fear", "emptiness", and "grief.” I'm not so weak that I'm
Gripped by all these kind of negativities. I'm a trickster who knows no solitude.

Flocks of buildings stab into the night sky in which the stars have faded;
I ask myself, "Aren't you lost?"

The city is smeared with overwhelming and bitter things.
It's not something unobtainable:
As the road guides us to the future, I must know what is to come.

Closing my eyes, I float in a sea of my own senses and envision it:
The day when my ideals are finally within my grasp.

It's accepted in this world that righteousness has it's limits; withering is foolishly similar.
Something that no one else has obtained: A crystallization dubbed "myself.”

Piercing through the simplicity, one day I will change my dreams into reality.
I want to continue to obstinately believe, as my faith is absolute truth.

Amidst the passing time, a twinkling and ephemeral sparkling;
I'm a believer that keeps walking to carve his memories into the world.

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    I think that this song perfectly describes Light's feelings. Such as the dream that no one else can have, which is Light's desire to cleanse the world. And then how it says there is a gap between reality and the ideal, as in the way Light sees the world. The reality, the world full of criminals and the wicked, greatly differs from his ideal of a world where only good, kindhearted, hardworking people dwell. The believer part refers to his belief that this new world can be created, and how he wants other people to see it the same way.
    The feelings of not wanting to surrender is the reason he refuses to be caught and imprisoned. And how it says he can't suppress the urge is perfect for describing how he feels he must change the world. " "Lies", "fear", "emptiness", "grief", I'm not so weak that I'm
    Gripped by all these kinds of negativities", is like how Light is not affected by the horrors that most Death Note users experience.
    And the closing my eyes and envisioning the time when my ideals are within my grasp fits well because Light constantly thinks about how wonderful it will be when the world fit his ideals.
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