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Necro – Liason Of Lesbos lyrics

It starts with a kiss, put your lips to this.....
I see those bitches rocking, through the scope of my sniper rifle,
I shoulda brought the Uzi those disel dykes are fucking frightful,
If only they were hot, that shit would be delightful,
Those mud-flaps are terrible, I've got a scalpel
Slice and dice so I can eat it with an apple

I see her munching on the rug, she'll be eaten steadily
The other bitch will be cumming readily,
I'm a homophobe, pop two shells,
Drop'em like dead meat

I followed these bitches home, all the way from the skydome,
There they were makin' out, here they'll be taken out,
After being eaten out, and beaten out.
Cause I'm a Beat Officer, and I'm on patrol,
Ready to roll, pounding your hole,
Rocking your slot in a preschool parking lot.
Yo, dj Mcthuggalot!

[Dj Mcthuggalot]
-I love these hoesssssssssssssss


I used to date the blonde one, but I turned her gay,
Now she's eating sushi, muffdiving down on the bay,
Like two lesbos in a closet, they make a liquor cabnet,
I pop out of that shit, stabbin' it, stabbin' it!
I burn the house down, like a bar-be-que of eaten mound,
It burns to the ground.


The desire to kill fulfilled, and I fulfilled those bitches
After I killed 'em
Llike a c** dumpster, I pummelled her,
She was foaming at the mouth, and at the lips
So believe me when I say, 'put your lips to this'


[Dj Mcthuggalot]
I love these hoessssssssssssss

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