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[nas]Uhh.. (yeah, yeah, yeah)Q.b. since 1933 (know dat)To nine-six (nine-six motherfucker)Check the shit[havoc]Nine-sixEscobar 600[nas]Check the shitMy mindset, son got wet, I’m vexed reallyThey snatched off his rolex, smacked his bitch sillyWhy niggaz actin illy word to will he bout to feel itI feel it, he shoulda been dealt wit itThem niggaz sour, they put to much flour in they cokeAnd got the nerve to wonder why they brokeWhile we was gleamin, niggaz was scheaminSeen the ill beamers beaminTriple-beam and doublin cream, had em feeninTo get they fingers on the dosa, I called sosaSosa, these niggaz hit the god, bring the toasterMeet me in the ’bridge I’m bout to go locaLeft my ’rat beggin me to stay and stroke herHe came through with two fly bitches, venus and viciousWit two macs inside the volvo, what up god, I’m still soberI need some henn’ to bend me overMy nigga hav got a soldierIt’s gettin down it’s goin down kid (I got this, I got this)I heard he might not live, I’m holdin back tearsTold these broads, to put it in gearWith two females that don’t smile diggin they style yoWhattup son, these niggaz done started somethin wildYou know the clique well, ramel with the gold in his grillTried to get a name holdin the steel, I paid attention to the femalesMaintain bitches when it get realSos’ pulled me close and told me the dealHe said both hoes’ll peel, spray shots and reloadAnd still handle the wheel, point em out smoke a phil’ then chillI layed back escobar status, knowin the firm got it corneredWe on it, shit we was born witChorus: havocSpark the lye, q.b.c. yo it’s do or dieIn this, business and trifenessI finesse this, for r.d., we chef shitPerfect shit, albert einstein minds connect witDangerous sons, step back let the tech liftLift you up, bless you wit a shorty then we set you upSpark the lye, q.b.c. yo it’s do or dieIn this, business and trifenessWe finesse this, for r.d., we chef shitPerfect shit, albert einstein minds connect witDangerous sons, step back let the tech liftLift you up, bless you wit a shorty then we set you up[nas]Hold it right there pull overThat nigga right there inside the roverI knew he’d be right here, I told yaLet’s get him now, look at him smile, ice bulovaPolo pullover, big links and rockin bouldersHe’s stuntin, after he left my man like thatWithout a fair chance to fight back, but I’ll be right backHe never seen us, sos’ gave the mac to venusAnd vicious, lookin delicious, handle yo’ bidnessAnd step to him, shake yo’ ass try to screw himDo what ya gotta do to get to himA tight parasuco, with young facesCan turn niggaz buttafuco, of all ages, they was amusedBy the way they walked, way they talkedOnly if they knew these girls’d spray new yorkIf they had to, heard him ask venus, could I have you? He jumped out a jeep, heard her tell him, don’t grab booThey started chattin, was only bout a minute, flat whenThey jumped in the back of the jeep laughinWe followed them pollyin, he thought the hoes were somalianProbably wanted to hit the holiday innI grabbed the phone and called the mobb and themWe layed low about a hour or so, these bitches movin too slowWe both holdin, what if them wild hoes started foldin? Sosa, said say no more, we started rollinBefore we got in they must have shot him, security wildinThere the girls go, hurry up we out inThe 940, me sosa and two shortiesThe punk niggaz got murdered in the orgyChorus 1/2[unknown lady - not credited]Q.b.c.Queensbridge motherfuckerRopin niggaz upCause our click is thickAnother day another dollarMore money, more murderFuck this shit, q.b. up in the house

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