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Mystic Circle – Bloodlust (When The Wolf Awake) lyrics

Every fullmoon night the forest calls him to go out
His body turns from a human into a bestial monster
The light of stars guides the wolf to his graceful victims
He needs the flesh and blood from a beauty virgin
He is the hunter of the night and smells from far away
A fearless mind runs through the grass her body soon decay
In it's hairy body erotic though leads his instinct
Before it eats her flesh it wants to sleep with her

Bloodlust goes straight, through it's head and through it's body
When the wolf awakes listen to the reign of death

Many hundred years they tried to end my life
But only a silver bullet can bring me down
The hunt now has an end another night is saved
The night of the wolf who gas catched it's victim
The master of the wood has won the hunt is over now
It likes to see the beging human body on it's knees
But the crying helps no more the end of life has come
She is another victim of the wolf

Bloodlust in me I want to hear the screams of pain
The night of the wolf begin, victims lay before me

"When the night comes out
And the moon is full
The wolf howls in the sky
It's the awakening of the animal
An erotic deadly game
For it's hunted victims
At first an erotic dream
But then the lust turnes into pain"

Now my gift lays before me, fear is in her eyes
On the slimy ground I rip her clothes off
When my sharp teeth I bite in her warm flesh
And I suck her warm blood out
The screams of her makes me horny I'm deep in her
Move my wolves body till I come
Then she's dead
And move no more her screams no one could hear
For this night the hunt is over but I'll come again

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