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Mr. Shadow – Excited 2 lyrics

Feat. Mr. Lil One
[Mr. Lil One]
What's up Dawg
[Mr. Shadow]
What's up
[Mr. Lil One]
You back up in here again
[Mr. Shadow]
{Mr. Lil One]
You see that board over there?
{Mr. Shadow]
The one over there?
[Mr. Lil One]
Yeah the one with the bald headed fool lookin like a fuckin geek
Check it out check it out, look look look
[Mr. Shadow]
What's up what's up
[Mr. Lil One]
Who she lookin at?
[Mr. Shadow]
She still lookin at us!
Mr. Lil One]
I'm so excited got ya bitch on my dick
And she still wants to ride it
[Mr. Shadow]
I'm so excited got ya bitch on my dick
And she still wants to ride it
[Mr. Shadow]
I'm sitting here thinking damn isn't that a shame
You're kissing on your lady while she's mumbling my name
You think that you're a playa, look who's numbers on my pager
I told you she'd be callin me sayin she's all in love with me
We took it to the beach then she gave a little speech
How she loves the way we grind when we lay between the sheets
It's getting kind of shady second thoughts about your lady
But you were still telling people that you two were getting married
Now go ahead and get your marry on, while I carry one
Drinking perron, with your lady through my song
I knew it all along, she be coming back for more
When she was on her knees you were working at the store
Sweating 9 to 5 while she suits me in your ride
Getting hickies on my neck putting baby girl in check
Went once went twice it's the stalker of your life
Got you wonderin can you trust her as your wife
Repeat 2

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